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Prince Harry edits Radio 4's Today programme

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Media captionPrince Harry warns President Obama he will get “the face” if he uses long pauses

Prince Harry, the fifth in line to the throne, is the guest editor for Radio 4’s Today programme on Wednesday.

The prince will be interviewing his father, the Prince of Wales, and former US President Barack Obama.

The prince’s programme focuses on issues such as the armed forces, mental health, youth crime and climate change – a cause his father also champions.

It is the 14th year public figures have been in control of the show’s output between Christmas and New Year.

Other guest editors over the coming days include a robot, Bletchley Park code-breaker Baroness Trumpington, Tamara Rojo of the English National Ballet and poet and novelist Benjamin Okri.

Obama’s departure

During the programme, Prince Charles will say he has “bored you [the prince] to tears over so many years” with discussions on the environment.

Meanwhile, President Obama will reflect on his time in office and voice concerns about the direction the United States is moving in.

He will warn that social media is stopping normal conversations and talk about the responsibility of people in positions of leadership.

He will also express concern about a future where facts are discarded and people just read and listen to things that reinforce their own views.

In one of his first interviews since leaving office, the former president will also reflect on the day he handed over power to Donald Trump.

Despite feeling satisfied, he will say it was “mixed with all the work that was still undone.”

“Concerns about how the country moves forward but, you know, overall there was serenity there,” he will say.

Listen to the prince’s edition of the Today programme from 06:00 GMT here.

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